Adjectives for Years

Adjectives For Years

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing years, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe years can profoundly affect the tone and clarity of your writing or conversation. Saying 'many years' may evoke a sense of a long, enduring period, often with a connotation of weariness or longevity, whereas 'a few years' suggests a shorter, perhaps more manageable timescale. The expressions 'last years' and 'recent years' both point to a period close to the present, yet 'last' might carry a hint of finality or conclusion. 'Several years' indicates more than a couple but not a large number, offering a vague sense of time, while 'past years' reflects on a period that is over, often with a hint of nostalgia or retrospection. Explore the full range of adjectives to discover the subtle nuances they add to the noun years.
manyMy grandfather has lived in this city for many years
fewI have been working here for a few years
recentMore people have spent more time at home in recent years
severalI have lived in this town for several years now.
pastMy son made new friends over the past years
firstThe first years of his life were spent in poverty.
earlyI remember my early years in the countryside.
laterIn his later years he became increasingly solitary.
previousThe data from the previous years shows a trend of growth.
oneHe has been working in this company for one years
lateThe prevalence of myopia has been increasing in late years
earlierI was more carefree in my earlier years
subsequentIn subsequent years the company's profits continued to grow.
agedThe aged years had taken their toll on the old man's body.
formativeMy formative years were greatly influenced by the people and experiences around me.
followingIn the following years the population of the city continued to grow.
warShe disliked the war years with a passion.
postwarDespite the challenges of the postwar years the city began to rebuild.
earliestMy earliest years were spent in a small town.
latterI have decided to take up painting again in my latter years
lightThe star is millions of light years away.
middleDuring her middle years she devoted herself to her family and community.
consecutiveThe Blue Jays have won two consecutive years division championships.
successiveThe company has had record sales for three successive years
fiscalThe company's fiscal years start in January and end in December.
oddLet's meet in odd years
halfThe company has been operating for half years
teenageI decided to drop out of college and focus on my music during my teenage years
preschoolThe preschool years are a time for your child to learn and grow.
interwarThe interwar years were a time of great economic and social change.
priorThis budget is similar to prior years spending.
leanThe family was struggling through lean years
adolescentI fondly remember my adolescent years
taxableThe taxable years under consideration are 2015 to 2021.
precedingSales in the first quarter were up 10% over the preceding years
prewarThe prewar years marked a time of economic prosperity and social change that culminated in World War II.
alternateThe conference is held in alternate years
reproductiveAs a woman gets into her reproductive years it's her responsibility to start taking care of her health.
turbulentThe recent turbulent years had taken their toll on the city.
prosperousThe country has experienced prosperous years under the new leadership.
troubledShe reflected on the troubled years following the tragic loss of her husband.
wearyThe weary years had taken their toll on his once-youthful face.
fiveHe has been working at the same company for five years
selectedThe selected years indicate a rise in the cost of living.

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