Adjectives for Yemen

Adjectives For Yemen

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yemen, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring adjectives linked with 'Yemen' unveils the country's rich, multifaceted nature and reflects on its geographical, cultural, and political nuances. Descriptors like 'southern' and 'northern' not only indicate geographic regions but also hint at the diverse climates, traditions, and social dynamics between these areas. Meanwhile, 'democratic' and 'modern' evoke discussions about Yemen's political landscape and ongoing efforts towards modernization and development despite challenges. Each adjective shades Yemen in a different light, offering insights into its complex identity. Dive deeper into how each adjective uniquely colors perceptions of Yemen by exploring the full list below.
southernSouthern yemen is located in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.
northernNorthern yemen is a region with a rich cultural history.
democraticDemocratic yemen officially the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, was a Marxist–Leninist state in the Middle East that existed from 1967 to 1990.
modernModern yemen is a country located in the southern Arabian Peninsula.
southSouth yemen became independent in 1967.
northNorth yemen is a region in the Arabian Peninsula.
unifiedThe elections were seen as a milestone on the path to a unified yemen
formerThe former yemen Arab Republic and People's Democratic Republic of Yemen unified in 1990.
unitedUnited yemen is a vision for a peaceful and prosperous future.
easternEastern yemen is a region of Yemen that is located in the eastern part of the country.
centralThe city of Taiz is located in central yemen
contemporaryContemporary yemen is a country with a rich history and culture.
westernWestern yemen is an area that has been heavily affected by the ongoing conflict.
independentLong live independent yemen
medievalThe trade of coffee in medieval yemen flourished between the 13th and 16th centuries.
ancientThe ancient Yemenis were known for their skill in building dams and waterworks.
neighboringThe neighboring yemen is embroiled in a civil war.
republicanThe United States has been supporting Republican yemen militarily since the outbreak of the war.
lowerLower yemen is an area of Yemen south of the 14th parallel, the high mountains of the Yemeni Highlands.
neighbouringThe neighbouring yemen is also experiencing a protracted civil war.
turkishThe Turkish yemen is a type of headgear worn by Ottoman and Turkish people.
coastalThe ancient city of Say'un, located in the coastal yemen region, is known for its impressive architecture.
remoteRemote yemen is a region of great historical and cultural significance.
nearbyThe nearby yemen port of Aden was still in rebel hands.
nativeThe native Yemeni language is Arabic.
materialThe material yemen is a type of cotton fabric.
westWest yemen is home to the Hodeidah Governorate, which is known for its Red Sea ports.
northeasternNortheastern yemen is known for its rugged mountains and desert landscapes.
tornThe ongoing civil war has torn yemen apart.
northwesternNorthwestern yemen is a region of the country that is known for its beautiful scenery.
mountainousThe mountainous yemen is a land of contrasts.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary yemen has been a source of inspiration for many.
tribalTribal yemen is a region with a long and complex history.
occupiedThe United States has occupied yemen since 2002.
eastEast yemen is a region in Yemen.
southeastThe capital of southeast yemen is Seiyun.
southwesternSouthwestern yemen lies on the Bab al-Mandab strait, a strategically important waterway connecting the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.
conservativeConservative Yemen's main opposition party has rejected an election pact with an alliance of moderate Islamists.
fertileIn the fertile yemen the date palms bore an abundance of fruit.
communistCommunist yemen was a state in the Arabian Peninsula from 1967 to 1990.
farawayThe faraway yemen is a land of ancient history and diverse culture.
southeasternThe Hadramawt region of southeastern yemen is known for its unique architecture and culture.
historicWe should visit the historic yemen architecture.
todayToday yemen is facing a humanitarian crisis.
arabianArabian yemen is a region in the south of the Arabian Peninsula.
southwestSouthwest yemen is known for its fertile plains and abundant water resources.
interiorThe civil war in interior yemen has been ongoing since 2015.
supportedThe United States supported yemen in its fight against al-Qaeda.
tinyThe tiny yemen is a country in the Arabian Peninsula.
mediaevalMediaeval yemen was known for its rich and prosperous trade.
imamateThe Houthi imamate yemen have been fighting against the Saudi-led coalition since 2015.
arabThe Arab Yemeni Arab Republic was declared in 1981, replacing the Yemen Arab Republic in the north.

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