Adjectives for Yen

Adjectives For Yen

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yen, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word yen holds a special place in financial and cultural discussions, adorned by adjectives that highlight its fluctuating nature and value. A Japanese yen not only denotes currency but also carries cultural significance, often leading to its perception as a high or strong entity in the global market. Describing the yen with terms like strong, high, and worth hints at its economic performance, while fewer or stronger yen can imply shifts in economic power or investment strategies. These adjectives add layers of meaning, painting a picture of an ever-evolving currency on the global stage. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with yen below and explore the nuances they bring to conversation and analysis.
japaneseThe Japanese yen has been weakening against the US dollar in recent months.
strongThe strong yen made Japanese exports more expensive.
highThe high yen is making it difficult for Japanese exporters to compete.
strongerThe Bank of Japan's latest policy move has led to a stronger yen
fewI only have a few yen left.
severalI have several yen in my pocket.
weakThe weak yen has made Japanese imports more affordable.
fiveThe coin in my pocket was only worth five yen
undervaluedThe undervalued yen has been a major factor in Japan's economic growth.
additionalThe additional yen will cover the cost of the new equipment.
weakerThe weaker yen is expected to boost exports and economic growth.
militaryThe explosion of the military yen has created wealth for the generals.
fewerMarco had fewer yen left than before.
extraI had extra yen left over from my trip to Japan.
huaThe Hua yen masters taught that the truth of any experience could only be found within the totality of the cosmos.
cheapThe cheap yen has made Japanese exports more competitive.
meremere yen me usne na utra girana yaad kar liya.
hsiaHsia yen was a Chinese film director and screenwriter.
chineseI'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a Chinese yen The official currency of China is the renminbi. Would you like to know more about the renminbi?
suddenI felt a sudden yen for ice cream.
secretHe harbored a secret yen for his best friend.
constantDespite the constant yen his vitality was still surprising.
halfI gave him half yen for his trouble.
chlhI have no information on chlh yen
chihChih yen is a Chinese restaurant in the area.
chengCheng yen is the founder of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, a humanitarian organization that helps disadvantaged people around the world.
changAlthough I like the Chang yen noodles a lot, I think they are a little too expensive.
yiinYiin yen is a traditional Chinese string instrument with two strings.
yangHe had yang yen and could see through the wall.
hungHung yen is a province in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam.
kahKah yen is a diligent and dedicated worker.
chiaChia yen is a delicious and nutritious drink made from chia seeds.
millionI won a million yen in the lottery.
yunAt this time, the Han Fei school and the Yun yen school disappeared but the Confucian school and Legalist school continued to exist.
mingThe ming yen shone brightly in the night sky.
mayMay yen is a very kind person.
yuanThe yuan yen exchange rate has been fluctuating recently.
sunSun yen is a famous writer.
fei"Fei yen" means flying swallow in Chinese.
forwardThe forward yen is trading at 105.50 against the US dollar.
phucPhuc yen is a city in Vietnam.
liuLiu yen is a famous Chinese actor and singer.
cheaperThe cheaper yen is good news for tourists.
depreciatedThe depreciated yen has caused a decline in exports.
nominalThe nominal yen fell to a six-year low against the dollar on Monday.
wanThe wan yen is an ancient Chinese unit of currency.
mightyThe mighty yen fluctuated against the US dollar all day long.
goldThe gold yen was the currency of Japan from 1871 to 1897.
shengSheng yen was a renowned linage holder and a great international authority on Zen, whose career had a significant influence on the spread of Chan Buddhism around the world.

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