Adjectives for Yes

Adjectives For Yes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the word 'yes' can deeply influence the message's tone and impact. An 'answer yes' signals a response, often after some deliberation, implying a story behind the decision. 'Lady yes' and 'miss yes' bring a touch of politeness or formality, potentially softening the affirmation. 'Big yes' and 'emphatic yes' underscore the enthusiasm or complete agreement, highlighting the intensity of the affirmation. In contrast, 'definite yes' conveys a sense of irrevocability, leaving no room for doubt or second thoughts. Each adjective opens a new shade of meaning, enriching the simple affirmation with context and emotion. Discover more about how different adjectives can frame the word 'yes' in unique ways below.
answerAre you sure you want to quit? Answer yes if you do
missI miss yes but I can't remember why.
bigI said a big yes to the job offer.
definiteShe responded with a definite yes
littleThe little yes caused a stir amongst the group.
totalThat's a total yes from me.
divineI heard a divine yes to my prayer and felt a rush of peace.
princeWill the prince yes?
sayYou should say yes to new opportunities.
conciseHer reply was 'concise yes'.
selectPlease select yes
moreI want more yes in my life.
publicThe public yes is an expression of agreement and support.
unequivocalHer answer was an unequivocal yes
finalThe final yes was heard around the world.
everlastingLove is an everlasting yes
clickClick yes to confirm.
voteI am encouraging everyone to vote yes on the new bill.
dearI thought I said dear yes you will clean your room immediately.
sacredI stood still in the chaos, listening for my sacred yes
percentThe survey results show a seventy percent yes response.
financialFinancial yes is a term used to describe a situation where a company's financial performance exceeds expectations.
eternalThe sound of thunder was an eternal yes in the sky.
primaryThe primary risk factors include smoking and family history, but primary yes risk is for smokers.
unconditionalI give my unconditional yes to this proposal.
friendlyCould you please be a friendly yes?
overwhelmingThe overwhelming yes vote signals a clear mandate for change.
poorHe's poor yes but he is rich in knowledge.
staticI haven't heard that one, but it sounds like a static yes
holyThe holy yes of the priest set the tone for the rest of the day.
loudThe crowd roared a loud yes in approval.
likelyIt's likely yes
unqualifiedThe unqualified yes is a dangerous thing.
literalDid you mean literal yes?
transitoryThe transitory yes was washed away by the tide of uncertainty.
silktestSilkTest yes this is a sentence.
sureI'm sure yes I can do it.
paymentPayment yes please.
qualifiedI'll give you a qualified yes
pastThe past yes was bright.
fatalThe 'fatal yes' almost took away her reputation.
yearI am happy to help you this year yes
madameMadame yes I would love to have another cup of tea.
graciousMy gracious yes I'd love to join you for tea.
triumphantThe victorious candidate responded with a triumphant yes
styleThe plasterers are doing their style yes
fierceYou must confront this fierce yes
clearIt was a clear yes from her.
preciousI have kept this piece of paper for many years, it is precious yes
massiveI'm so excited! This is a massive yes
checkCheck yes if you agree.
eligibleYou are eligible yes
narrowThe narrow yes of the canyon made it hard to see the other side.

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