Adjectives for Yesterday

Adjectives For Yesterday

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yesterday, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the myriad adjectives used with 'yesterday' unveils a tapestry of time's nuances. The word 'same' hints at an unchanging sequence, making 'yesterday' a mirror to today's constants. 'Late' and 'early', on the other hand, dive into the fabric of time, suggesting a dance with deadlines and beginnings. 'Only' imbues 'yesterday' with exclusivity, a singular moment now passed. Meanwhile, 'day' emphasizes its natural cycle, whereas 'before' carries a prelude to the now. Each adjective adds a layer, coloring 'yesterday' with emotions, temporal boundaries, and unique perspectives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'yesterday' and unlock the stories they tell.
lateI heard it late yesterday
onlyOnly yesterday I saw a shooting star.
earlyI met Laura early yesterday outside a cafe
dayI slept for hours day yesterday
beforeI had never seen her before yesterday
rightI saw her right yesterday
deadHe was dead yesterday
muchI didn't sleep much yesterday
dueThe report was due yesterday
eternalThe eternal yesterday holds no sway over the present moment.
clearIt was clear yesterday
dinedI dined yesterday with my friends.
leftHe left yesterday
sickI was sick yesterday
safeI felt safe yesterday
wrongI know I was wrong yesterday but I hope you can forgive me.
likeI remember it like yesterday
coldIt was cold yesterday
fortnightI had a doctor's appointment fortnight yesterday
illI was ill yesterday
freshThe air was fresh yesterday
heardMy professor, whom I heard yesterday spoke about the importance of critical thinking.
bakedThe cookies I'm eating were baked yesterday
historicThe historic yesterday was an unforgettable day.
happyI had a happy yesterday
arrivedMy cousin arrived yesterday
oreI found some gold ore yesterday
busyI was busy yesterday
fairThe weather was fair yesterday
partyI went to a party yesterday
graveThe news about the old woman's death in the grave yesterday shocked the entire community.
emptyOur day is empty yesterday and full tomorrow.
cookedThe leftover spaghetti tasted much better cooked yesterday
distantThe distant yesterday haunts me to this day.
drunkI was drunk yesterday
timeIt was time yesterday to go to the store.
aliveThe man who was alive yesterday passed away last night.
sweetThe sweet yesterday still lingers in my memory.
angryI was very angry yesterday
downtownI visited downtown yesterday
daybeforeThe weather was nice daybefore yesterday
livedShe lived yesterday today she is dead.
riotThe riot yesterday caused widespread damage to property.
blessedI had a blessed yesterday filled with joy and laughter.
worthYour kindness is worth yesterday's wealth.
absentMy neighbor was absent yesterday

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