Adjectives for Yield

Adjectives For Yield

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yield, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'yield' of an investment or crop can profoundly impact the reader's perspective. Terms like 'average yield' might indicate a steady, reliable return, whereas 'high yield' suggests a more lucrative, albeit potentially riskier, proposition. Conversely, 'low yield' sets expectations for minimal returns, signaling caution or a period of growth. Descriptors such as 'total' or 'maximum yield' provide insights into the overall potential or peak performance, respectively. Each adjective nuances the perceived success, risk, and appeal of the yield in question, shaping investor or stakeholder perceptions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe yields and their strategic implications in the list below.
averageThe average yield of the corn crop was 150 bushels per acre.
highThe sustainable farming practices resulted in a high yield of organic produce.
totalThe total yield of the crop was significantly higher than expected.
higherThe new farming technique has a higher yield
lowThe crop had a low yield due to the drought.
annualThe annual yield of wheat crop is 10 tons per hectare.
goodThe good yield of the farm was a relief to the farmer.
highestThe highest yield of soybeans was achieved using the new farming method.
netThe net yield of the crop was 10 bushels.
currentThe current yield of the bond is 5%.
sustainableThe sustainable yield of a forest is the maximum amount of timber that can be harvested each year without depleting the forest's resources.
lowerThe new policy resulted in a lower yield than expected.
overallThe overall yield of the reaction was 85%.
diagnosticThe diagnostic yield of the test was high.
actualThe actual yield was 10% lower than the predicted yield.
greaterThe new farming technique will result in a greater yield
potentialThis new model has the potential yield to generate more crops.
theoreticalThe theoretical yield of this chemical reaction is 90%.
meanThe mean yield of the crop was 10 bushels per acre.
finalThe final yield of the crop was lower than expected.
betterThe new fertilizer resulted in a much better yield for the farmers.
specificThe specific yield of an aquifer is the ratio of the volume of water it releases from storage to the volume of the aquifer.
sustained"Sustained yield" refers to the regulated use of natural resources to maintain long-term availability.
poorThis piece of land has a poor yield
relativeThe relative yield of the reaction is 75%.
grossThe gross yield of the wheat crop was 2,000 bushels per acre.
effectiveTo assess economic benefits, it is important to use estimates of effective yield
largerThe new strain of wheat has a larger yield than the old one.
quantitativeThe quantitative yield of the reaction was 85%.
safeThe safe yield of a spring is low because it is partially blocked by sediment.
dryWe are expecting a dry yield of 750 pounds per acre this year.
greatestThe field had the greatest yield in the entire region.
daily"Daily yield" fell to 2 mm per month.
agriculturalChina has achieved remarkable agricultural yield growth over the past few decades.
largestThey managed to bring in the largest yield of crops this decade.
initialThe initial yield of the reaction was 85%.
equivalentThe equivalent yield of explosive A is twice that of explosive B.
lowestThe stock with the lowest yield will be sold first.
quantumThe quantum yield of a photochemical reaction is the ratio of the number of molecules that react to the number of photons absorbed.
minimumThe experiment had a minimum yield of 35%.
yearThe year yield was 10,000 bushels of corn.
secondaryThe secondary yield is the number of ionization events following the initial ionization.
nominalThe nominal yield on the ten-year Treasury note was 2.6%.
excellentWe had an excellent yield of tomatoes this season.
smallerThe tiny field had a smaller yield than expected.
fairDespite the recent drought, the farmers still managed to get a fair yield from their crops.
optimumHarvesting crops at their optimum yield ensures a bountiful harvest.
taxThe tax yield is higher than expected.
prospectiveThe prospective yield is estimated to be 10%.
probableThe probable yield of the crop was estimated to be 100 bushels per acre.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory yield of the crop was a relief to the farmers.
termThis model's performance was evaluated using term yield which is the average number of correct terms generated.
marginalThe marginal yield of the wheat crop declined as the amount of fertilizer used was increased.
dividendThe dividend yield of the stock was 5%.
fatThis cut of meat has a fat yield of 20%, making it a good choice for those watching their weight.
richThe new farming technique resulted in a rich yield
ultimateScientists believe this type of wheat modification could lead to an ultimate yield increase of 20%.
abundantA farmer's hard work resulted in an abundant yield
lightThis scintillator provides a high light yield across a wide range of particle energies.
reasonableThe reasonable yield made the investment worthwhile.
observedThe observed yield of the crop was lower than expected.
optimalThe experimental group exhibited an optimal yield of 120%.
maximalThe experiment was designed to achieve maximal yield
extraExtra yield was produced from the field this year.
yearlyThe yearly yield of the crop was very low this year.
tuberThe tuber yield was excellent this year.
plasticThe plastic yield stress of the material is 100 MPa.
acreThe acre yield is expected to increase by 10% this year.
biologicalThe biological yield of the crop was excellent this year.
aggregate"What is the aggregate yield of those investments?"

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