Adjectives for Yields

Adjectives For Yields

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yields, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'yields' can conjure a variety of mental images and expectations, significantly influenced by the adjectives that precede it. Whether describing financial returns, agricultural outputs, or the results of effort, the adjective can paint a picture of success or struggle. A 'high' yield suggests abundance and prosperity, while a 'low' yield might indicate challenges or disappointments. 'Average' yields position outcomes in the middle of the spectrum, suggesting normalcy. Conversely, 'good' and 'higher' yields inspire optimism, implying better-than-expected results. Understanding these nuances allows for more precise communication and expectation setting. Embark on a deeper exploration by discovering the full array of adjectives that can modify 'yields', and uncover the rich landscape of implications each one carries.
highThe improved farming technique resulted in high yields this season.
higherThe agricultural techniques used resulted in higher yields
lowThe farmer's low yields were due to poor soil conditions.
averageThe average yields for corn are over 160 bushels per acre.
goodThe farm had good yields this year due to the favorable weather conditions.
lowerThe new farming methods have resulted in lower yields
highestFarmers used advanced techniques to achieve the highest yields this season.
agriculturalAgricultural yields have increased in recent years.
maximumThe fertilizer achieved maximum yields in wheat production.
poorThe drought resulted in poor yields and food shortages.
relativeThe relative yields of the two cultivars were compared.
greaterFarmers can expect greater yields with the use of organic fertilizers.
totalThe total yields from the farm this year were exceptional.
annualJesse's farm's annual yields of soybeans have dramatically increased this year.
largerDespite the drought, farmers reported larger yields this year.
bestHigh-yield crops are those that produce the best yields per unit of land area or volume of water.
currentThe current yields of the company are very impressive.
termInvestors typically seek bonds with the highest term yields
actualThe actual yields were lower than the predicted yields.
meanThe mean yields were significantly different between the two groups.
potentialWe examined the potential yields of the project before proceeding.
excellentThe field trials have shown excellent yields of the new variety of wheat.
satisfactoryThe experiment resulted in satisfactory yields
overallOverall yields improved even further when plants were fertilized with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.
sustainable Sustainable yields ensure that resources are harvested at a rate that does not exceed their natural regeneration rate.
futureThe future yields unknown possibilities.
reducedWeather conditions and infestation of insects have reduced yields to dismal levels.
quantitativeThe quantitative yields of the reaction were determined by measuring the amount of product formed.
dryThe dry yields were down greatly due to the drought.
typicalThe typical yields of soybeans are higher in the Midwest than in the Northeast.
improvedThe new farming techniques have resulted in improved yields
fatThe fat yields of the cattle were very low.
heavyThe heavy yields of the harvest made the farmers rejoice.
lowestThe project was a failure and resulted in the lowest yields
theoreticalThe theoretical yields of the reaction were calculated using the ideal gas law.
latterThe latter yields better results.
yearThe year yields a bountiful harvest.
comparativeThe higher comparative yields make the cultivation of genetically modified plants attractive.
optimumThe optimum yields were obtained at 100 ppm.
aboveThe process above yields a multitude of products.
smallerThe smaller yields will make it harder to reach our production goals.
largestThe farmers aimed for the largest yields that season.
variableThe variable yields can be attributed to the differences in soil fertility.
observedObserved yields have been falling below expectations for some time now.
reasonableThe new fertilizer resulted in reasonable yields
nominalThe nominal yields have been relatively low in recent years.
experimentalThe experimental yields were not as high as anticipated.
cornCorn yields around the world could be severely affected by climate change.
grossThe gross yields from the farm were disappointing this year.
absoluteThe absolute yields of the reaction were 95%.
acreThe acre yields of the new crop were impressive.
prospectiveThe prospective yields from the new investment are expected to be substantial.
moderateThe field saw moderate yields due to the drought.
quantumQuantum yields are important in understanding the efficiency of a photochemical reaction.
optimal"Optimal yields" are determined when all the production variables are working in harmony.
correspondingThe corresponding yields were found to be fairly uniform across all treatments.
stableDespite the recent fluctuations in the market, the company's investments have shown stable yields
taxThe government's tax yields increased significantly after the implementation of the new tax laws.
acceptableThe acceptable yields for this crop were between 10 and 15 bushels per acre.
comparableThe two methods produced comparable yields
radicalThe radical yields a stable product.
liquidA high temperature liquid yields better results, and it can be easily prepared
measuredThe measured yields were analyzed using a statistical software package.
dividendThe dividend yields for the real estate sector have been consistently higher than those for other sectors.
attractiveThe new bond offers attractive yields
respectiveResearchers examined their respective yields and biomass quality traits.
equivalentThe two bonds have equivalent yields to maturity.

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