Adjectives for Yours

Adjectives For Yours

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing yours, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjective preceding the word 'yours' significantly impacts the sentiment and depth of the message conveyed. Using 'dear yours' evokes a sense of closeness and affection, perfect for personal letters or heartfelt messages. 'Good yours' implies a polite, general well-wishing, suitable for both formal and informal contexts. The phrases 'much yours' and 'great yours' amplify the extent of belonging or regard one holds, adding a layer of intensity to the correspondence. 'Best yours' is often seen in valedictions, wishing the recipient the utmost well, whereas 'most yours' emphasizes an unparalleled level of dedication or possession. Each adjective shades 'yours' with a unique nuance, creatively enriching communication. Explore the full list of adjectives below to find the perfect expression of 'yours.'
dearDear yours I hope you are doing well.
goodThanks, good yours?
bestWith best yours I remain
moreI hope that my art brings joy into your life and becomes more yours than mine.
sincerelyThank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely yours
veryI am very yours sincerely, John.
presentPlease present yours shortly.
conventionalYou must not operate this equipment in a manner not certified as conventional yours
allThis house is beautiful, it's all yours now.
respectfullyRespectfully yours I would like to express my gratitude for your time and consideration.
formalFormal yours is the most sincere and elegant way to express gratitude to someone.
familiarPlease be familiar yours with being happy.
rightPlease turn right yours
kindestI want to express my kindest yours for your help.
notThis is not yours
possibleDo you know if the new dress is possible yours?
futureFuture yours will thank you for the things you do today.
hamletHamlet yours truly.
happyI am happy yours is working.
pastHe drove past yours and continued down the highway.
trulyI am truly yours forever and always.
portPlease port yours to this application.
astoundedI was astounded yours had such a different perspective.
welcomeI welcome yours any day of the week.
warmestWarmest yours I bid you farewell.
drawingI'm drawing yours now.
perfectShe smiled a perfect yours as she walked down the aisle.
heilHeil yours great leader!
highestHer highest yours was met with determination.
amiableMy amiable yours I bid you a fond farewell.
dearestI love you, my dearest yours
wrongI'm sorry, but I cannot write a sentence with the phrase 'wrong yours' as it does not make sense.

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