Adjectives for Youth

Adjectives For Youth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing youth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'youth' reveals a tapestry of cultural, temporal, and aesthetic nuances. The adjective 'early' suggests a time of nascent potential, while 'American' cues into specific cultural experiences and ideals. 'Black' youth encapsulates a rich history and resilience amidst systemic challenges. The term 'eternal' youth, on the other hand, evokes a universal longing for perpetual vibrance and vitality. 'Earliest' directs our attention to the foundational stages of life, and 'handsome' youth highlights the aesthetic appreciation of youthful vigor. Each adjective, weaving its unique thread, contributes to the multifaceted portrait of youth. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich our understanding of youth and its diverse manifestations below.
earlyHe began the study of the fine arts in his early youth
americanThe American youth is the future of the country.
eternalThe legend of the fountain of eternal youth has been told for centuries.
earliestThe earliest youth is often the most impressionable.
handsome"Oh my," the woman whispered, her eyes lingering on the handsome youth passing by.
extremeHer extreme youth was no obstacle to her success.
poorThe poor youth had to work hard to support his family.
germanThe german youth are full of enthusiasm.
urbanThe urban youth are facing many challenges in today's society.
whiteThe white youth were excited about the upcoming field trip.
classThe class youth were very excited about the upcoming field trip.
tallThe tall youth towered over his companions.
indianThe Indian youth are eager to embrace change and innovation in all spheres of life.
beautifulThe vibrant energy of beautiful youth filled the air.
unemployedThe unemployed youth are facing many challenges in today's economy.
nobleThe noble youth fought bravely in the battle.
perpetualThe fountain of youth was thought to grant perpetual youth
riskThere are many programs aimed at helping at-risk youth
africanAfrican youth are the key to the continent's future.
disadvantagedThe program provides support and resources to disadvantaged youth in the community.
maleThe male youth was arrested for shoplifting.
chineseChinese youth are increasingly embracing Western culture and values.
relativeHe was able to achieve such incredible success in his relative youth
delinquentThe delinquent youth was arrested for vandalism and theft.
hairedThe long-haired youth walked down the street.
troubledThe troubled youth had a difficult childhood that shaped their behavior.
unhappyThe unhappy youth felt lost and alone in the world.
ambitiousThe ambitious youth strived to achieve their lofty goals.
sovietThe Soviet youth was enthusiastic and patriotic, believing in the communist ideals.
immortalThe elixir of immortal youth remained elusive, forever tantalizing those who sought it.
happyThe happy youth skipped through the meadow, their laughter carried on the breeze.
wildThe old man reminisced about his wild youth full of adventure and mishaps.
homelessHomeless youth often face challenges in accessing education and employment.
braveThe brave youth faced the dragon with a steady gaze.
lookingShe was looking youthful in her new dress.
inexperiencedThe inexperienced youth struggled to navigate the complex world.
fairThe fair youth was a sight to behold.
muslimThe Muslim youth engage in work and education with the support of their community.
callowThe young man's callow youth was evident in his naive and inexperienced behavior.
unfortunateThe unfortunate youth was abandoned on the streets at a young age.
romanRoman youth was often sent to military school to train for combat.
mexicanThe mexican youth is full of energy and passion.
promisingThe promising youth was a bright and ambitious young person.
nativeThe native youth are the future of their tribe.
innocentThe innocent youth skipped through the meadow, unaware of the dangers that lurked nearby.
ingenuousThe ingenuous youth enthusiastically volunteered to help rebuild the fire-ravaged village.
ardentThe ardent youth enthusiastically embraced their new adventure.
vigorousThe vigorous youth ran through the park, their laughter echoing through the trees.
gallantThe gallant youth fought bravely for his country.
beardlessThe beardless youth was eager to prove his worth.
cityThe city youth were full of energy and ambition.
contemporaryContemporary youth often incorporates modern technology into their daily routines.
rebelliousThe rebellious youth stood defiantly against the oppressive rule.
russianThe Russian youth is eager to build a better future for their country.
facedI faced youth with a smile.
immigrantImmigrant youth often face significant challenges in their new homes.
slenderThe slender youth ran through the forest with ease.
hispanicThe Hispanic youth group met weekly to discuss their cultural identity.
adolescentThe adolescent youth were full of energy and enthusiasm.
femaleThe female youth faced many challenges in her life.
comparativeShe regretted her rash decision in her comparative youth
intelligentThe intelligent youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.
giftedThe gifted youth displayed an extraordinary talent for mathematics.
generousThe generous youth donated his inheritance to charity.
educatedThe educated youth were sent to the countryside to learn from the peasants.
talentedThe talented youth displayed remarkable aptitude in the arts and sciences.
goldenThe golden youth of today are more likely to be found at a tech conference than a country club.
gentleThe gentle youth strolled through the park, admiring the blooming flowers.
deadThe dead youth's body was found in the woods.
brightThe bright youth carried the heavy equipment with ease.
asianThe Asian youth are the future of the world.

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