Adjectives for Zinc

Adjectives For Zinc

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing zinc, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The simple noun 'zinc' can transform its meaning significantly when paired with various adjectives, highlighting the language's rich ability to specify and enhance. For example, 'metallic zinc' emphasizes its elemental form and industrial uses, while 'pure zinc' touches on its unadulterated, high-quality essence, crucial in manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications. 'Granulated zinc,' on the other hand, suggests a particular physical form, useful in specific technical contexts. The term 'dietary zinc' shifts our focus towards its essential role in nutrition and health, showcasing its importance beyond the material world. 'Perforated zinc' brings to mind its application in design and construction, where its physical characteristics are paramount. Each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding, hinting at the versatility and significance of zinc in diverse domains. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'zinc' to uncover more nuanced interpretations.
metallicMetallic zinc is a versatile metal used in a variety of applications.
pureThe pure zinc was very shiny.
granulatedThe granulated zinc was added to the beaker.
dietaryDietary zinc is essential for a healthy immune system.
perforatedThe perforated zinc sheets allowed for efficient air circulation within the enclosure.
leadLead zinc is an alloy of lead and zinc.
moreThe supplement contains more zinc than the capsule.
commercialCommercial zinc is used in galvanizing iron and steel.
muchThe plant is known to contain much zinc
littleA little zinc is necessary for good health and development.
excessThe excess zinc caused a zinc ion imbalance in the body.
powderedThe powdered zinc reacted explosively with the acid.
totalTotal zinc measurement is a useful marker of zinc status in healthy individuals.
liquidThe molten metal, known as liquid zinc flowed through the furnace.
freeThe free zinc ions in the solution reacted with the sulfide ions to form zinc sulfide.
lowZinc deficiency is referred to as low zinc
ordinaryThe ordinary zinc coating on the metal sheet had begun to rust.
whiteThe white zinc paste helped to soothe the baby's diaper rash.
oralThe doctor recommended taking oral zinc to treat the infection.
supplementalSupplemental zinc is an essential nutrient for the human body.
electrolyticElectrolytic zinc is produced by electrolysis of zinc sulfate solution.
elementalZinc, an elemental zinc is a mineral that is essential to the human body.
impureThe impure zinc was purified by electrolysis.
lessThe alloy contains less zinc than the standard.
enoughThis recipe contains enough zinc for a person's daily need.
availableThe zinc coating will make the steel components extensively available zinc making them highly corrosion resistant.
silverThe silver zinc battery is a type of battery that uses silver and zinc as its electrodes.
nickelThe nickel zinc battery is a type of rechargeable battery that uses nickel and zinc as its electrodes.
inorganicInorganic zinc is an essential trace mineral found in a variety of foods.
rolledThe rolled zinc sheets shimmered in the sunlight.
boundBound zinc was measured to be below the limit of detection.
solidA solid zinc cube has been used in the experiment.
additionalThe additional zinc in my diet has improved my overall health.
crudeThe crude zinc was extracted using electrolysis.
corrugatedThe roof of the shed was made of corrugated zinc
cleanThe clean zinc surface was prepared by chemical etching.
sufficientEvidence suggests that sufficient zinc and vitamin D are useful for the proper functioning of immune cells.
granularThe granular zinc was added to the reaction mixture.
mossyThe mossy zinc roof of the old barn gleamed in the sunlight.
refinedThe refined zinc is incredibly light, but also very durable.
extraThe doctor recommended that he take extra zinc to boost his immune system.
thinThe thin zinc coating protected the metal from corrosion.
adequateWhole grains contain adequate zinc
endogenousEndogenous zinc is an essential cofactor for many enzymes.
copperThe copper zinc alloy is a strong and durable material.
castThe cast zinc figurine depicted a Roman soldier in full battle armor.
hotThe steel had been coated with hot zinc to protect it from the elements.
polishedThe polished zinc was gleaming in the sunlight.
urinaryUrinary zinc levels are decreased in patients with sickle cell disease.
secondarySecondary zinc is zinc that has been recycled from used products, such as batteries and galvanized steel.
meshThe mesh zinc busbar has low resistance and excellent conductivity.
scrapScrap zinc is typically recycled by melting it down and recasting it into new products.
undissolvedThe undissolved zinc was removed from the solution.
radioactiveResearchers used radioactive zinc to investigate changes occurring in the brain with repeated mild head traumas.
brightThe bright zinc sparkled in the sunlight.
intracellularIntracellular zinc acts as an important cellular signaling molecule that plays a role in multiple physiological processes.
extractableThe extractable zinc in the ore is only about 3%.
residualResidual zinc was found on the surface of the metal after the experiment.
catalyticCatalytic zinc is crucial for the activity of many enzymes.
crystallineAn alloy of crystalline zinc and aluminum, less often a cathode, was used in the corrosion experiment.
tinThe tin zinc coating provides excellent corrosion resistance.
maternalMaternal zinc is an important mineral for the health of both the mother and the baby.
addedWe added zinc to the metal alloy to increase its strength.
excessiveThe excessive zinc in the water caused a problem for the fish.
chelatedChelated zinc is a form of zinc that is more easily absorbed by the body.
ionicThe ionic zinc concentration in the blood was measured using an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer.
excluderWhen the zinc ion concentration was within 0.2 mM, the present of excluder zinc made the cells dividing rate higher than the rate in the contrast group.
unamalgamatedUnamalgamated zinc has a unique ability to prevent bacterial growth.
aluminiumAluminium zinc is a corrosion-resistant alloy that is often used in the construction industry.
manganeseManganese zinc may be deficient in pastures, hay and silage.
protamineProtamine zinc is a protamine derived from the milt of salmon.
condensedThe condensed zinc was used to create a new type of battery.
interstitialInterstitial zinc is a chemical compound found in the spaces between cells.
galvanizedThe galvanized zinc coating protected the metal from corrosion.
acidThe acid zinc solution was used to etch the copper plate.
recoverableThe battery was built with zinc-carbon cells and contained a recoverable zinc anode.

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