Adjectives for Zoning

Adjectives For Zoning

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing zoning, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective-modified landscape of 'zoning' offers a nuanced understanding of how urban and rural spaces are managed and classified. Terms like 'local zoning' indicate a community-specific approach to land use, while 'exclusionary zoning' highlights practices that may limit access to certain areas based on economic or social criteria. 'Agricultural zoning' delves into the preservation of farmland, juxtaposing the 'residential zoning' that dictates the organization of living spaces. The adjectives 'restrictive' or 'use' further refine the conversation, signaling limitations or intended applications of space. Each adjective brings a layer of insight into the complex decisions that shape our environments. Dive into the full array of adjectives linked to zoning and uncover the subtle dynamics they reveal.
localThe local zoning ordinance requires a variance for any structure over a certain height.
agriculturalThe new agricultural zoning laws will allow farmers to build larger barns.
useThe city council voted to use zoning to regulate the height and use of buildings in the downtown area.
residentialThe residential zoning of the neighborhood ensured quiet and peaceful streets.
restrictiveRestrictive zoning laws can limit the types of businesses that can operate in a certain area.
oscillatoryThe oscillatory zoning in the crystal is due to variations in the concentration of impurities.
fiscalThe town council approved fiscal zoning for the new development.
lotThe lot zoning laws in the city were recently revised.
compositionalThe buildings in this neighborhood are characterized by their compositional zoning with different materials and colors used to create a visually appealing effect.
industrialThe construction project was located in an industrial zoning area.
verticalThe city council approved a vertical zoning ordinance to limit the height of buildings in certain neighborhoods.
inclusionaryInclusionary zoning a planning policy that requires new residential developments to include a percentage of affordable housing units, has been widely adopted by cities across the nation.
exclusiveTo preserve the unique historic character of the neighborhood, the town council implemented exclusive zoning
commercialCommercial zoning allows for businesses to operate in a specific area.
comprehensiveThe city council passed a resolution for a comprehensive zoning overhaul.
municipalThe city council is responsible for setting the municipal zoning regulations.
traditionalThe traditional zoning regulations have been in place for decades.
current"The current zoning prohibits the construction of a multi-family dwelling on this property."
conventionalThe town's zoning ordinance established conventional zoning districts.
plainThe city council voted to approve plain zoning for the new development.
incentiveIncentive zoning can be an effective tool for encouraging specific types of development within a municipality.
properThe construction was not authorized due to improper zoning.
normalThe city council has proposed new zoning regulations that would create a more normal zoning environment.
seismicThe city's seismic zoning map shows the areas that are most likely to experience earthquakes.
functionalHe specializes in the conceptual planning of cities but especially in the functional zoning of land use.
strictThe town council enforced strict zoning laws to maintain the neighborhood's character.
concentricThis phenomenon is often referred to as concentric zoning
suburbanThe suburban zoning laws restricted the construction of multi-family housing developments.
presentThe present zoning laws protect the character of our historic district.
acreThe new zoning laws will allow for acre zoning in some areas.
urbanThe city council is considering a new urban zoning plan that would allow for more mixed-use development.
conditionalConditional zoning will allow for the development of a new shopping center in the area.
ecologicalProper ecological zoning is crucial for the protection of the environment.
regionalCity governments use regional zoning to separate residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
appropriateThe city council approved the construction of a new apartment building in an area with appropriate zoning
bulkThe new bulk zoning codes for the area are intended to preserve the neighborhood's character.
familyThe city council voted to rezone the area for family zoning
effectiveEffective zoning can help to create communities that are more livable, sustainable, and equitable.
climaticThe paleoclimatic zoning reflects the paleogeographical zoning.
spatialThe new spatial zoning plan divides the city into different districts, each with its own specific regulations.
historicThe historic zoning laws have helped to preserve the character of the neighborhood.
geographicalGeographical zoning is a type of land use planning that divides a city or region into different zones, each with its own set of regulations.
aestheticThe town council is considering adopting aesthetic zoning regulations to preserve the historic character of the downtown area.
rigidThe city has rigid zoning laws that restrict the types of businesses that can operate in certain areas.
flexibleFlexible zoning allows for a variety of uses within a single zoning district.
internalThe city has strict internal zoning regulations that limit the types of businesses that can operate in each neighborhood.
distinctThe building has distinct zoning for residential and commercial use.
basedThe city council voted to implement based zoning regulations in order to promote mixed-use development.
complexAny changes to the complex zoning plan must be approved by the town council.
metamorphicRocks displaying metamorphic zoning show gradual changes in mineralogy and texture reflecting the increasing metamorphic grade.
metasomaticMetasomatic zoning is the development of distinct mineral assemblages in a rock due to the introduction of new chemical components.
downThe city council approved down zoning for the neighborhood, reducing the maximum building height from 10 to 6 stories.
detailedAny changes to the detailed zoning within the study area must be supported with detailed supporting information.
adequateThe city council approved adequate zoning for the new residential development.
interimThe interim zoning is for a period of six months, with a final decision on the zoning to be made at the end of that period.
applicableThe new building must conform to the applicable zoning regulations.
geographicThe land in residential geographic zoning may be used only for homes.
carefulThe city council approved careful zoning regulations to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood.
protectiveThe city adopted protective zoning to preserve the historic character of the downtown area.
discriminatoryThe town council's discriminatory zoning laws prevented the construction of affordable housing in the wealthy neighborhood.
reverseThe city recently initiated a plan for reverse zoning where residential areas would be rezoned as commercial or industrial.
horizontalThe city's zoning ordinance includes provisions for horizontal zoning which allows for different land uses to be located side-by-side at the same level of elevation.
mineralogicalThe mineralized breccias record evidence for multiple fluid events and mineralogical zoning
cumulativeThe city's new zoning code includes cumulative zoning which allows developers to build taller buildings if they also provide affordable housing.
lateralThe lateral zoning of secondary tissues varies greatly.
portThe switch uses port zoning to logically segment the network into different VLANs.
integratedThe city council approved an integrated zoning plan that allows for a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial uses in the same area.
extraterritorialThe county's extraterritorial zoning authority allows it to regulate land use in unincorporated areas just outside the city limits.
permissiveThe city council approved permissive zoning for the new development.
softThe city council is considering a soft zoning approach to allow for more development in the downtown area.
minimumThe new zoning laws will increase the minimum zoning from R-1 to R-2.
scaleThe city's scale zoning ordinance allows for a variety of building sizes and uses within each zone.
garnetGarnet zoning is a common feature in many metamorphic rocks.
slightThe slight zoning changes were approved by the city council.

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